Artist-in-Residence Weekend

Friday Afternoon to Sunday Afternoon

Suggested Program Options

Erev Shabbat

Dinner - Short after-dinner song session introducing Mishkan Z'mirah House of Jewish Music Melodies to be used over the weekend

Guest Teaching - "Just what is Jewish Art?"


"The Ketubah Through the Ages"

After Service Folk Singalong featuring the songs of Jewish Composers


After Service Broadway Singalong featuring the songs of Jewish Composers

Shabbat Morning and Afternoon

Inclusion of Mishkan Z'mirah House of Jewish Music melodies in service, with choir rehearsal if applicable.

Early afternoon Lunch Study: "What makes a symbol Jewish"?


"The Composer as visionary: what it takes to write original music".

Shabbat Evening and Concert

An Inspirational Evening Concert of original Jewish music, stories and song. Opportunity for Tefilah band participation.


Sunday Morning

"Yeish Kochavim Art Project". An interactive art project in which participants will design a beautiful photo display featuring Swarovski crystals and heirloom family photos. 

Sunday Early Afternoon

Optional small group or one-on-one composition coachings.

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